Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Artist's Feast on Beauty . . .

"Water-Lily Pond", 16x24, Oil on paper, ©ander

"Water-Lily Pond II", 16x24, Oil on paper, ©ander

"Water-Lily Pond IV", 16x24, Oil on paper, ©ander

"Untitled", 12x12, Oil on canvas, ©ander

Water-lilies. Monet's muse. Ander's inspiration. Anni's joy.

It's overcast and I've spent most of the day putting together this post. Ander and I will take a short trip to the local coffee/tea house for an Americano and a single-shot latte, low foam or an Earl Grey, hot.

I have a simple Quiche set for the dinner menu. It will be made with fresh gathered eggs, garlic (harvested and cured over the summer), sweet red bell peppers (straight off the vine), caramelized onions, apple-smoked bacon, some half & half, and emmentaler cheese. An accompanying salad of baby bitter greens, roasted beets and grana padano cheese, dresssed with shallot vinaigrette, will complete the meal. Monet would never dress his salad. He was quite satisfied with a sprinkle of salt and several grindings of fresh cracked black pepper showered over the leafy greens.


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