Monday, May 08, 2006

Runner Up . . .It's All Good . . .

Look what arrived in the mail today!

Amy of cookingwithamy kept true to her word and sent me my prize for runner up of her recent "Itty Bitty" contest. She included her business card promoting her blog and kindly asks us to "Read it and eat." The reverse side was a hand-written thanks for visiting her blog.

Wow! A 4 oz. box of Marcona Almonds from Spain. Fondly known worldwide as the “Queen of Almonds”, Spanish Marcona Almonds offer a sweet, delicate flavor and soft texture that will “satisfy the most discriminating of palates”. As a self-proclaimed purist, I would assert that there really is nothing more you can do to make this tasteful treat any better than it is.

These tasty treats make the offerings of an array of Spanish tapas the ultimate eating experience. United with full-flavored cheeses, fruit membrillo and a glass of Xérès sherry, I can almost imagine myself returning to the traditional tavernas of Zaragoza, España where locals discard some of their refuse on the floor. I don't recommend wearing the Manolos on any future visits here.

The most memorable and unique tapa I was fortunate enough to experience was that of the delicate “percebes” or gooseneck barnacle. Its prehistoric-looking shell resembling the claws of a Pterodactyl protects the soft-tender stalk of the “percebes”. My darling hubby continues to pine for a taste of these highly prized “crustaceans”. Perhaps someone out there in the food blogosphere can suggest where one can procure such a treasure? Oh, but I digress.

Thank you, Amy, for the fun contest and following through with a true prize! It is greatly appreciated.

Since we’re into our second week of EatLocalChallenge, these little gems will have to wait until after May to be consumed. Indeed a lucky reprieve.

Happy Blogging!


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