Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wine Country Bliss . . .

When Ander is not busy in the garden, this is what he does best.

"Road Through Autumn Vineyard" . . . ©ander. All rights reserved.

We are off to a weekend wedding event that is taking place at a family estate vineyard in the Northern Sacramento Valley. Rob Kirkpatrick is a long time friend of Ander's. They were neighbors when their families lived in Los Altos Hills. The David Packard family estate was just up the road from their homes. When Ander and I were married, Rob flew his plane into San Diego to join us at our wedding celebration. We wish Rob and Kim the best of wedded happiness.

This is our wedding gift for the lovely newlyweds.

"The Wedding Gift" . . . ©ander. All rights reserved.

Have a great weekend!

Life if a banquet, my friends.


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