Friday, June 30, 2006

Rockie Mountain High

Colorado Rockies . . .

My darling, Ander, is back home...

Being at such a high altitude for the last couple of weeks requires him to aclimate to the comforts of home. As soon as he arrived, he was in the garden tending to "the girlie-girls". He did give me a thumbs up that I maintained the garden in very good condition. I didn't kill any plants. LOL! I mentioned the hose issue only to learn that there was a new hose that was generously gifted to us by our kind neighbors, Theo and Nancy. (I wrote about them here. ) Ander just hadn't changed the hoses before he left. Thanks, Honey. It's all good. He's home now and can take over the garden chores. I won't mind "hand watering" when needed. I kind of like the "Zen" mode. But then again, I get that in my kitchen. There's nothing like chopping vegetables, stirring a pot or tossing a sauté pan and smelling the aromas of what I'm preparing that brings this gal to her element.

I love to cook. I love to create new recipes. I love canning and preserving. I love baking. I love cookbooks. I love kitchen gadgets. I love wine. I love spices. I love fresh herbs. I love fresh gathered eggs. I love farmers markets. I love to cook for family and friends. I love a banquet.

I love my Ander. Welcome home, my darling.


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