Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fall has fallen . . .

"Crush is well on its way ..."

Being right smack in the middle of "CRUSH", I have left my darling, Ander and our humble home to spend some time in Southern California for both business and pleasure . . .I'll be back just in time for the late harvest grapes to start the dessert wines, my forte.

I will be doing research and spending time with one of my little darlings, S.A., just recently turned 4 years old. She is also my lovely God-Daughter and I always look forward to learning some life's lessons from this dear little one. In the mean time, the sun has made his appearance every day since I've arrived and the beaches have embraced me while I admire the beautiful sunsets. They're awesome. So much so, each sunset I've seen gets an ovation from other sunset admirers. It amazes me how Nature can evoke such actions from us. We are truly moved.

My internet connection has been questionable, but my very generous BIL, has loaned me his much needed laptop for the day so that I can reach out to my loyal blogger friends and send lots of love....!!!

I plan to explore new foodie haunts and perhaps meet up with blogger friend, Kim, at Serve It Forth. Our busy schedules may not allow for this, but it's good to know our intentions are with good effort. So far, I've made my rounds to several ethnic markets, Penzey's, Manhattan Beach Bakery, Martha's 22nd Street Cafe, The Kettle, and my favorite teahouse, Jin's Patisserie. I've even done slight damage at Santa Monica's Promenade. I look forward to the Original Farmers Market and exploring surrounding shops on West Third and Beverly.

Until next post, have a good rest of the week!

Life is a banquest, my friends.


Blogger Meeta said...

What a gorgeous pitcture Anni!

How have you been?

3:32 AM, October 25, 2006  

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