Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chocolate and Zucchini at the Place Pigalle

Clotilde and Maxence . . .

We were able to catch up with Clotilde and Maxence (Yes, of THEEEEEEEE One and OOOOOONLY "Chocolate and Zucchini") at the Place Pigalle for a birthday toast. A charming couple, indeed! They are all that I had imagined they would be, very down to earth, friendly and engaging. They ARE good people! Warm fuzzies. . .Good huggers!

Clotilde and Ander . . .

We also met other C&Z fans, Joanne, Elizabeth, Charlotte and Derrick of an obsession with food".

It seemed a fun night had by all.

Clotilde and Maxence return to Paris today. According to "Max", they enjoyed their trip tremendously!

Merci Beaucoup, Clotilde and Maxence for toasting our upcoming birthdays this weekend ! ! ! We hope you enjoy your souvenirs.


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