Saturday, July 08, 2006

Take a picture. It lasts longer . . .

Thai Taste Trio . . .

I got B-U-S-T-E-D taking this picture at one of our favorite Thai restaurants. As soon as the flash went off and the photo safely emblazened on the 512MB memory card, I felt firm hands on my shoulders. "Anni . . .What are you doing?", Ted exclaimed with a nervous smile, as I tucked my digital Olympus gingerly into my purse. I appreciate the "concern" some eateries have when it comes to "over-zealous" photomongers. I try not to make a routine of this practice. I calmy explained its purpose, utilizing it for this post and provided the blog address for Ted to check out.

We've known Ted and Nancy for a few years now since discovering their quaint, intimate (approx. 10 tables) restaurant. They serve pure, "authentic" Thai dishes. I say, "authentic" because they make their own curry in-house. Fresh, not packaged. They bring back hard-to-find, unusual and unique ingredients when returning from the trips to their native Thailand. Always friendly and welcoming, Ted takes care of the "front" of the house, while diminutive Chef Nancy takes full control of the "epicenter".

Whenever we've been out of town and want to surround ourselves with familiarity, we go to Thai Taste restaurant. The menu offers a variety of handmade curry selections, savory appetizers and an assortment of loacal wines as well as the quintessential Singha Thai Beer. It's brought out "frosty cold" with a logo-ed glass. Everything on the menu is delicious, we've tried almost all dishes. Every once in a while, when it slows down, Chef Nancy will take the time to stop by our table to catch up on things. She's made a habit of sending out (off the menu-reserved for back of the house only) items to our table that make your palate dance and eye's roll back in pure pleasure.

Shortly after the place received an outstanding review by our local restaurant critic, we would have to wait 20-30 minutes for one of the mahogany stained tables. It was worth the wait. . .

Our standard trio, Green Curry Chicken, Pad Phrik Khing and Garlic Pork, all accompanied with steamed rice, did not disappoint our appetites. Ander raved about the chile heat of the Phrik Khing. "It's just right." I did notice, although the Green Curry lacked the slivers of Kaffir Lime leaves, it still carried the flavors well. Perhaps, Nancy, placed a few extra leaves of Thai basil, to compensate. I love ladling through the coconut-green curry broth to spoon out the firm pearls of peas onto the white background of the hot, steaming rice.

Dessert offerings are simple. Sweetened, sticky rice with fresh mangoes. My favorite, coconut-pineapple ice cream with banana fritters.

I read somewhere that it is custom that only one dish should be consumed on your plate at a time. However, this purist, likes to mingle and meld the fragrant and full flavors of our favorite dishes. It's quite satisfying. It's quite comforting. It makes me feel at home . . .

Thai Taste Restaurant
(707) 526-3888
170 Farmers Ln # 8
Santa Rosa, CA 95405


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