Thursday, December 21, 2006

Menu For Hope III . . . To Give of Oneself

We learned long ago, "What you give of yourself, you keep forever."


"A selection of oil paintings by Artist, Ander Kase. . ."

A choice from a selection of paintings is being offered as a raffle prize by Landscape Impressionist, Ander Kase. Ander actually makes a decent living as an artist and loves doing what he does best. He has a commercial agent that represents him and once in a while, gets him commission gigs with corporate clients. Most of Ander's artwork are sold to private collectors.

During a previous, "Art at the Source" of Sonoma County event at the Blue Gum Farm Gallery, he was the top seller of art among well over 200 local artists. As one can see, Ander's art pretty much speak for themselves. There is no real need to promote the creations. They speak volumes to those that are moved by the scene depicted on the canvas. The art brings out emotions and engage viewers to interact with the painting. The viewers step a few inches away from the collection of colors and transport themselves to the location. Some have described Ander's work as "alluring you into the painting". "You want to step right into it." They are at once, classic and tranquil.

For each US$10 donation for PRIZE CODE UW21, you will have the opportunity to win this personal treasure. The fortunate raffle prize winner will win a painting worth a value of US$250-US$850, depending on size and selection. Come on! Won't this be a fabulous topic of conversation among your guests at your next dinner party? Ander once exhibited his fine art installed between art by Andy Warhol and Peter Max. Talk about rubbing elbows and name dropping. . .LOL!

Will ship Internationally, barring any customs restrictions. Insurance, additional cost (Optional).

"Artist signing Limited Edition Prints . . ."

"Brush Creek IV" . . .©ander. All rights reserved.

"Kenwood Vineyard . . .©ander. All rights reserved.

"Water lillies . . ." ©ander. All rights reserved.


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